Monster High Doll Repaint – Addison (Operetta)

Hey, I’m back with another monster high doll repaint! I’m going to stop numbering them because to be honest I don’t think it matters anymore.

This was my first doll where I kinda had something in mind. I knew I wanted her to be one of my token goth girls, so I painted her with that in mind.  I knew I also wanted to change her hair up a little bit because I really couldn’t stand that she looked like some kind of 70s diva with those giant curls.


I still haven’t been brave enough to do a reroot or wig yet, but that will be coming soon – so I just decided to keep her real hair.

Here are some progress pictures! I kind of accidentally forgot to take more progress pictures from along the way…Oops.

I wanted to push myself a little bit with her, so I decided to also color the scars on her face with gouache paints to look more like a tattoo or something. I went with blue because I just…well, I liked how it looked. There isn’t really much more to it than that.

And now…the final result!

Before - After

To be honest I didn’t run into any major hiccups with this girl. She still had her moments, of course – one thing I did run into with her was I attempted to add more shimmer with my new Pearl Ex pigments. However, I found that after spraying the MSC it makes a lot of the sparkle disappear, unfortunately. In the future I may either just completely overdo it with the sparkle before spraying, or just add the shimmer as a final touch after the sealing so it’s actually visible.

The other snag I hit was finding out that to seal gouache paint, you need to use more sealant – I think. Because once I started styling her hair with water, a ton of the gouache started coming off where I had painted it on the scars. Luckily it wasn’t enough to be noticeable at a glance, but it was still inconvenient. So in the future, I’ll either be using acrylics or put more thought into sealing the areas with gouache.

My next doll (currently a work-in-process) is more ambitious! She is going to eventually be the mascot for this blog, so look forward to seeing her. I’ve run into far more hiccups with her, so that will probably be a more interesting post to read about. 😉